When you say Japanese massage, most people who have seen an overview of massages, think of pleasant, slow pressure Shiatsu massage. This is a very pleasant and is designated for undemanding massage client (unlike Thai), during which the masseur stimulates acupuncture points on the body and thus brings the body into balance. Like any Oriental massage, Shiatsu puts emphasis on improving not only physical, but also psychological and mental state of the massaged. But we in our erotic massage parlor in Prague will offer you something more orgasm provocative – a new technique called erotic tenga massage.
The Japanese tenga massage is done by the ovum, or egg. The utility looks like a real egg. It’s soft and it may seem relatively small in relation to the size of your organ. But it is extremely flexible, since its major component is silicone. The penis is inserted into the tube when the egg is poured with lubricant. On the inside the egg has a roughened surface to enhance the effects of irritation. By simply draggin the egg over the penis up and down, like masturbation. Our erotic massage parlor takes proper care of the hygiene of our clients, therefore its multiple use is completely ruled out
Most authentic experiences you take away from massage, you will experience at the point of origin tenga egg, ie in Japan. Japanese, are along with the Germans known for their resourcefulness in eroticism and sex toys at all. But it is real, that a great experience provided by the Japanese erotic massage, could be experienced in our erotic massage parlor in Prague. Before you begin to massage your intimate parts, your whole body needs to be properly released. The very masseuses’ touches on your back, thighs or buttocks will be very exciting and fulfilling feeling. But wait, the best is still to come.

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